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Series: Couponing for the Busy Couponer – Use What You Got (5)

Couponing for the Busy Couponer


Day 5: Use What You Got

We have reached the last day of the Couponing for the Busy Couponer series.  If you are just now joining us, we talked about why we should coupon , getting and organizing your coupons, creating a couponing plan, and playing the savings game.

What do I mean by “use what you got?”  There are a lot of resources out there to help you save.  You are not alone in this endeavor.  There are others who have already combed through the sales flyers and found the coupons that match the sales.  There are also site with coupon databases.  So, when you find an item and want to know if there is a coupon to pair with it, you can go to My Coupon Teacher, Money Saving Mom, or Couponing 101, among others, to find links to a printable coupon or which insert the coupon is in.

There are also plenty of free apps to help you earn cash back or find coupon codes for savings.  There are even barcode scanning apps that will assist you in finding the lowest price for an item or coupons.

My point is don’t reinvent the wheel.  If someone has already done it, use is, if you can.  I rely heavily on blogs.  They even allow me to make my shopping list and print straight from the blog site.  I have signed up for daily emails so I don’t have to go hunting for deals.  I am starting to use couponing apps, but I am still not well experienced with them.  However, I have heard great things about them though.

My Final Thoughts

Couponing is something I really enjoy.  I didn’t get to that point until I started really seeing the savings.  In this series I have discusses some of what I have learned and ways to simplify the couponing process.  Couponing has allowed my family to stock our cabinets without breaking the bank, help others fill their cabinets, and ultimately, get a few steps closer to achieving our dreams.  I will happily pay $250 for what others pay $500 or more for.  I hope my thoughts and ideas will help you do the same.

Time Saving Tips

1.  Follow 3 -5 blogs.  They will each have different ideas for in-store deals and you don’t have to go hunting for them.

2.  Research apps.  Do this now to make moving forward easier.

3.  Talk with family and friends about where they find there deals.  They may have a website or idea you, and I, haven’t thought of.

Thanks you for joining me as I discuss Couponing for the Busy Couponer.  Stay tuned for future series.


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