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Series: Couponing for the Busy Couponer – Getting and Organizing Coupons (2)

Couponing for the Busy Couponer


Day 2: Getting and Organizing Coupons

Last time we talked about why we should coupon.  In a nutshell, it is so that we can save money.  If you missed this post, you can read it HERE.

Getting Coupons

Today I am going to link you to a list of where you can get coupons.  Money Saving Mom, my go to blog, has a great list of how to get coupons for free.  And free is always better.

Currently, I get coupons from having the Sunday paper delivered and at our local grocery store.  We only have one Sunday paper delivered, but you can have more delivered.  My husband and I have talked about doing this, but just haven’t done it yet.  One of our local stores sells a double Sunday paper, where you get two paper at a reduced price.  So, on Sunday after church we stop by the grocery store and get two more papers.  In total, I get three Sunday papers.

I have also received coupons from friends and co-workers.  My work has a place where we can post events and sale/wanted items.  I posted that I wanted Sunday paper inserts.  Every Monday or Tuesday I would have one or two extra inserts for the week.  There is not shame in asking others for what they are going to throw away.

Organizing Coupons

I think that coupon organization is a personal thing.  However, it is important to know that if you are going to follow a coupon match-up blog that you are able to identify the date and insert the coupons came from.  Most, if not all, blogs tell you the coupon, the value, the expiration date of the coupon and what insert you can find it in.  It makes it much easier to find the matched coupons.

Ways to organize your coupons can be found at Couponing 101 and Money Saving Mom.

My organizational style has changed throughout the years.  I started out with the envelope, or box, method.  I had a small stash of coupons and only cut the coupons for items I regularly used.  Then I started collecting more coupons and investigating how to increase my saving using coupons.  This is when I used the binder method.  I cut all the coupons each Sunday out of all the paper I got (three) and organized them alphabetically.  This was a daunting task each week for me and took more time then I wanted.

When I started following match-up blogs, the binder system didn’t work for me anymore.  I had a hard time finding the coupons the blogs were using to match the sales.  I often lost coupons because I couldn’t find them in my binder.  So, along came the file box system.  I have a section for each month and just put a file folder in it for each Sunday.  The file folder contains all the inserts I collect for that Sunday.  That way when the match-up says SS (Smart Source) from 1/1/12, I go to that date and pull out the SS.  I only cut the coupons I need, and always know where my coupons are.  What a time saver!

Time Saving Tips

1.  Get multiple Sunday papers delivered to your house

2.  Only cut the coupons you are going to use

3.  File whole coupon inserts by date so you can easily find it

Next week we will discuss creating a couponing plan.


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